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Mug Shot Monday Profile ft. Uncle Gary!

Starting off the week strong, but a little behind... Nothin' better than premiering the first #MugShotMonday on a Tuesday. We love breaking rules and we are never on time! Who is this guy and how did he get so lucky to be enjoying his morning coffee from an original karlysue's koffee mug?

Read on!

Your name: Gary Sandlund

Age: 45

Where you are from: St. Charles

What you do for a living:

Commodity broker

If you could change your name, you’d change it to: Steve

How you found karlysuesmessydos:

She has been a fantastic niece for 30 years

What you look for in a coffee mug:

Cool design, Karly definitely does this!

Your fav thing about your karlysuesmessydos koffee mug:

The unique design

(Gary's bulldog, Mack, pictured left, is thinking, "That mug, this snout, NOW." ...What he really wants is for karlysue to make him his own dog bowl.)

Your fav kind of coffee:

Black coffee and make it strong

Describe your ideal coffee shop:

One that is warm and comfortable....preferably by the ocean!

What is the soundtrack to your life?

I'm a heavy metal guy by nature, but honestly Amazing Grace always stops me in my tracks.

You laugh/cry most when:

I like the simple things in life spending time with friends both laughing and crying is a good day.

(pictured right: One of Gary's favorite jams)

3 words that describe you:

From my wife and kids: Generous, Hard working, Caring

One thing that surprises people about you:

I listen to mostly heavy metal or hair bands of the 80s.

Advice through a quote: Try to love someone difficult everyday, laugh everyday, and live each day as if it's your last....seize the day!

Why you would recommend a karlysuesmessydos koffee mug to others:

They are the perfect size for an enjoyable cup of Karly Koffee.

In your free time you like to:

Cars are something I've always enjoyed...more HP the better. Working out is always something I enjoy. Walks with my family down the ocean and spending time on the boat with friends and family.

(Angel, Gary's other bulldog, pictured left, is more concerned about looks than function. She just can't take her eyes off of that baby blue.)

...pretty cool dude I'd say. Thank you, Uncle Gary, for sharing your Monday with us! Who will be next?

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