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MugShot Monday ft. Dad!

I must say.......... this was a fun one. Let me just preface this all by letting you know that for quite some time now, my dad has been asking me, "Alright karlysue, how do I get my mug on MugShot Monday? I wanna be famous!" ...haha. He had me at 'famous'. He's a big shot mugshot now... :)

But gosh, after knowing this guy my whole life, I thought I would know all of his answers, but I guess I was wrong! Hence why I love these interviews.. always learning something new. And I know I'm a little biased, but since he is my dad, I need to brag on him for a second, especially because he'd never say these things about himself. The first few things that come to mind when I think of my dad are these: he is the most generous person I know, he is FUNNNYYY, and he has a HUGE heart. He tells the best stories. He makes simple the wise. He loves the Lord. And he makes life fun. I wouldn't say that I got my artistic ability from him, but he IS an expert at drawing stick figures, especially of this guy named "Jimmy," who happened to be the main character in all of his stories in his Sunday School lessons with the 3rd graders. Jimmy had a big round circle of a head, dots for his eyes and nose, a big smile, and sometimes he'd even wear glasses, haha. Jimmy is like a celebrity in the Olson family. But on the flip side, I do I have my dad to thank for teaching me about life and sports, and life in sports. He taught me how to compete, how to persevere when I wanted to quit, and how to keep my eye on the ball (literally and figuratively). Although he was not much of a tennis player, (he claims he has some killer side-spin) his eye-hand coordination made him an incredible hitter in baseball, and he played one game for the Chicago White Sox. But he can tell you more about that. ANYWAYS, we love this guy! Enjoy!

hi dad!

Your name/Nickname(s): Richard Olson / Rich / Oly / the Big Fella / Dad / the mayor / Poppi / Ricky

Age: 65 going on 40

Where you live/ Where you are from: Wheaton, Illinois - from Chicago area

What you do for a living: Partner in an Investment Securities Firm

What is your dream job and why? Used to be a Professional Baseball player, but now probably PGA tour player

What are your hobbies and what do you like to do in your free time? Golf - Fish - hunt with my dog - and spend time with my family at the lake house

If you could change your name, you’d change it to: JAKE or ERNIE

How you found karlysuesmessydos: I have known Karly Sue since my wife brought her into this world---

hi Ernie!

If you could travel or live anywhere, where would you go? I like what I have now - home in Wheaton Il - lake house in Lake Geneva Wi - and a home in Scottsdale

What is your favorite kind of weather? 70 degrees and sunny - perfect for golf

Cubs or Sox? Cubs

Peanut butter or jelly? Jelly, but like them together

Mild or extra spicy? Extra Spicy

Walk/ Run/ Swim? Walk ( since I can’t run anymore ) AND Swim !!

What do you look for in a koffee mug? Any one that Karly makes because they are all good

Oly's Mug

What do you like to eat for breakfast? Very weird stuff - Barley Green - Beet Juice - V8 - vitamins - and fruit -

When you think of comfort, what comes to mind? Relaxing - looking out at the lake from my porch

What is your fav thing about your karlysuesmessydos koffee mug? Karly made it

What is your fav treat? Used to be sweets but don’t do them anymore - but licorice was up at the top

Describe your ideal coffee shop: Easy in and easy out - and little ice for my coffee

Describe the perfect date: Go out to a nice restaurant - we have quite a list

What character in a movie would you want to depict you and why? Clint Eastwood or Kiefer Sutherland - or bozo the clown

What is the soundtrack to your life? Tom Petty- Learning to Fly, and the Allman Brothers- Ramblin' Man

What is the best compliment anyone could give you or has given you? Godly man- trustworthy and honest- and loves his family

the man and his dog

What makes you laugh/cry? I am quite sentimental - but usually family things make me tear up. And laugh? - just about anything since I look at things in a funny way

Three words that describe you: funny - loves sports - and takes things as they come - family man !

Celebrity crush(es): Not sure I have one

Favorite Sports team(s): Chicago Cubs - Bears - Bulls - and Blackhawks

Favorite book: Any Lee Child book -(Jack Reacher character)

One thing that surprises people about you: How great a vertical jump I used to have

Advice through a quote: Put God before all things and others before myself

good form

Would you recommend a karlysuesmessydos koffee mug to others? ABSOLUTELY - they are the BEST - and she has a heart of GOLD

He's a good man, isn't he? I am sure thankful for him. Thanks, Dad, for sharing your Monday with us! You're famous now ;)

xoxo, karlysue

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