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MugShot Monday ft. Matt Poland

Who is this guy? He is my good pal. We go way back. We also share the same passion for donuts. He kept begging for me to paint him a painting, and I said, "then get me some of your team gear and you have yourself a deal." So we traded. He gave me a team pullover... and I made him a mug instead! More my thing, ya know? And more functional. He is very excited to be a part of your Monday (or Tuesday at this point).. so hope you enjoy learning more about him and give him a follow!

Your name: Matt Poland (Popo) Instagram: @mpoland16

Age: 25

Where you live/ Where you are from: I was born in Rochester, MN I now live in Marco Island, Florida when I am not in Sweden playing Soccer.

What you do for a living: I am a professional Football (Soccer) Player.

Hobbies: My hobbies include Watching Sports, reading, going on adventures and of course Netflix binging.

If you could change your name, you’d change it to: I wouldn't change my name, I mean a country with your last name is pretty cool ha.

How you found karlysuesmessydos: I found karlysuesmessydos through the artist behind the art a few years back.

What do you look for in a koffee mug? I like to find something unique and manly looking. I also like when it can reflect my personal interests.

What is your fav thing about your karlysuesmessydos koffee mug? My favorite thing is that the mug has my last name and my soccer number on it. It makes me feel like I am looking at the back of my jersey as i drink from it.

What is your fav kind of treat? Donuts! Definitely Donuts!

Describe your ideal coffee shop: My ideal coffee shop would be all wood with soft acoustic music and a big fire place. It would also be acceptable for strangers to sit around and chat to each other as they enjoy their cup of coffee.

How do you take your koffee? I take my coffee dark and strong.

What is your fav kind of koffee? Anything Dark Roast

What is the soundtrack to your life? Oh definitely Amazing byKanye West hahaha jk I would say Mirrors by Lil Wayne.

What makes you laugh/cry? A good song that hits the right memories, sometimes it causes the laughing while crying and that is the perfect type of song.

Three words that describe you: I would say the three words that describe me are Funny, Friendly, and Happy. But if you asked my mom she would also say handsome.

Celebrity crush: I would have to say Mila Kunis.

Favorite Sports team(s): My favorite sports teams are the Miami Heat, Manchester United, and Minnesota Vikings.

(photo by Matt Poland)

Favorite book: Harry Potter Series is by far my favorite book series, or anything written by John Grisham.

One thing that surprises people about you: People are surprised because I am an athlete of how lazy I am off the field ha. I just like to lay around and read books off the field.

Advice through a quote: My advice is that “Winners win”, and “If you got it flaunt it, even if you don't got it, still flaunt it”.

Why would you recommend a karlysuesmessydos koffee mug to others: They are unique, one of a kind mugs. The mugs can reflect a person's individuality and their personal style in an easy but unique way.

Thanks Popo for sharing your Monday with us! We will be sure to cheer for #2.

xoxo, karlysue

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