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Hat Hair minus the Hat Hair || part I ||

I like hats. Hats are fun. They can be stylish, and they can serve a lot of purposes. On top of that, how about this weather... it is really out there, ya know? It's kinda cold. You need a hat. Most of your body heat escapes through your head, so you gotta keep it covered. But there is a slight problem: You don't want to mess up your hair.

(carhartt beanie picture 1)

First off, there is nothing wrong with messy hair. I'm already offended if you think that's a problem :) No, but really, I love wearing hats. I do not love hat hair though, and I'll be the first to admit that oftentimes the hat, for me, is meant to cover up a bad hair day, or to save time. I also know that once I put the hat on, I don't want to take it off because of what is underneath. Now, if your hair is dirty, that is one issue... there's not a lot you can salvage with dirty hat hair. Go wash it and start the cycle all over again. BUT, if your hair is clean, then there is hope for when you take off that hat!...

Whelp, here is where I can help. What you are about to see are examples of HOW TO and HOW NOT TO wear a hat, what TO DO and what NOT TO DO with your hair with the hat, shown in several different hat styles.

And not only that... I have some tips on how to prevent and FIX hat hair! yayyy for us.

Here is a list of some of the varying reasons for why people do or don't wear hats. If any of these reasons for not wearing a hat apply to you, you can count on being out of excuses by the end of this post!

*Also, FYI, all the pictures below are labeled and numbered, and will be referred to throughout the post.

Reasons for wearing a hat:

  • to protect their heads.

  • to keep their heads warm.

  • to act as sun shade.

  • to attract attention.

  • to make them look taller.

  • to hide their hair or lack of it.

  • to accessorize an outfit.

Reasons for NOT wearing a hat:

  • they don't know how

  • they don't want to mess up their hair

  • they don't own a hat

  • they don't think its fashionable

  • they don't think they look good in hats

  • they don't think it helps

  • they don't LIKE wearing hats

  • they forgot their hat- like an umbrella

Now, lets get started...

Picture 2 was taken before wearing a hat. Clean hair, notice the volume at the roots and the texture.

(before: no hat-picture 2)

We will begin with the most functional hat at the moment...


(Side Note): One recurring thing you'll notice with all the examples I show, is that with long hair, short hair, curly hair, or with thick, straight hair too for that matter, the main thing is that the hair should not overpower the hat. The same rules apply no matter what type of hair you have.

Think of it like this... If your hat and your hair form a triangle, and your hat is the top point, that is BAD (like pictures 3&4 below).

(carhartt beanie- picture 3)

I might be exaggerating a little in picture 3, but let me be real for a second. I know it is supposed to be "hipster" to wear your hat far back like that with your side-part showing and hair swooped, but... I am just not a fan. It looks like your hat is going to fall off, and it is not really serving its primary purpose of keeping your head warm because it's not covering your whole head. And I'm sorry, but most of the time it just doesn't look good.

(carhartt beanie- picture 4)

Notice where the tag is, where the hair is, and how the hat is folded. No. No. and NO.

Back to math. If you think of a right angle triangle (like an upside-down L), and your hat is the 90 degree angle with your hair pulled to one side as one of the squared sides (like picture 5), then that is GOOD.

(carhartt beanie- picture 5)

Do you see the difference? Tag off center (so it doesn't divide your face in half), smaller fold so the hat gives you some height, and hat pulled down just above the eyebrows with hair laying on one side tucked behind the high cheek bone.

(strafe ski hat- picture 6)

Do you see the triangle in picture 6, with the hat being the top point? Not good. The tag is in the middle. NO. The hair is tucked too far up in front and the hat is not pulled down enough.

(strafe ski hat- picture 7)

Another option for styling your hair with a hat is the inside out side braid like in picture 7&8 (if your hair is long enough). My hair can get pretty big and wavy sometimes, so the braid tames the mane a bit. The tag is in the back. Hat pulled down just above the eyebrows. Side hair sweeped back behind the cheekbone.... much betterr :)

(strafe ski hat- picture 8)

Same hat, messier hair (picture 8). This is just a regular braid, inside out braid would have been better because it lays better with collars. The logo of the hat is on the side (that part really depends on the shape of the hat). Notice the hat is pulled just above the eyebrows, but still gives height at the top (and doesn't smash the hair at the crown as much which is an added bonus).

Picture 9 shows the wavy side pony. The side pony works okay if it is loose. You need to pull some of the hair out from the hair tie to help frame the face and pull the pony to one side. In the following photos, you will see that all the logos are off centered, the hats all fall just above the eyebrows, and the hair is tucked past the cheekbone but not behind the ears.

(Jordan beanie- picture 9)

(RWB beanie- picture 10)

(gray beanie- picture 11)

(strafe ski hat- picture 12)

Pretty good right?! Moving on....


This type of hat isn't quite as functional this time of year if you live in the tundra of Chicago, but soon the sun will be shining and you'll want something to keep you from squinting while your at the Cubs game: the baseball hat. I will model 3 types of "baseball" hats. Many of the same rules in regards to hair will apply, but some rules regarding the hat will be contradicting to the beanie.

What NOT to do: The hat is not pulled all the way down (sitting too high on the head). Too much hair in the face. ahh.

(kangal hat- picture 13)

Tuck the hair back behind the cheek bone again and pull hair to one side if possible.

(kangal hat- picture 14)

(kangal hat- picture 14b)

Success. Perfectly rounded brim too. My pops taught me right ;)

Next hat...


Lots of girls like this one, but they need help with it. I'm sorry. Just here to help :) I see this too often..(picture 15) hair behind the ears and brim at an angle. eesh. Now if you are trying to look like Missy Elliot, then keep doing this...

(Dakine trucker- picture 15)

But I prefer this look: (Dakine trucker- picture 16)

Hair pulled to the side behind the cheekbone, and brim straight on with a nice curve, pulled down just above the eyebrows. Are you catching on yet?

Here is another trucker hat. All these styles work for curly hair too.

(adidas trucker- picture 17)

And lastly...


(Jordan flat brim- picture 18)

Girls, this one is risky for you. Most of the time, I'd say... DON'T do it. But again, if you want the Missy Elliot look, then use picture 18 as your "how to" reference. Fellas, on the other hand, bring on more flat brims :)

Flat brims for the girls, see picture 19:

(Jordan flat brim- picture 19)

Brim straight ahead. Hair behind cheekbone and tucked to one side. Wipe the toolish look off your face. Now we are talkin.

Okie dokie, time to check out the hat hair. You will just have to trust me on the fact that these next 2 pictures were taken after wearing all of these hats, and after using the 2 products listed below to fix the hat hair.

(post hat-wearing- picture 20)

(post hat-wearing- picture 21)

How did I get my hair like this after wearing a hat?.... See below.

Products to PREVENT + FIX hat hair:

(products are linked to Amazon)

Big sexy hair hairspray & Bumble & Bumble preta powder. (Please refer to my Pump up the Volume post and watch my tutorial on how to use these 2 products with dry hair before wearing a hat.)

Stay tuned for Part II of this Hat Hair Edition, where I will demonstrate how to use these 2 products specifically to fix hat hair in my second video tutorial. Time to get pumped up, again!

okayy adios amigos ....xoxo karlysue

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