Hat Hair minus the Hat Hair || part I ||

I like hats. Hats are fun. They can be stylish, and they can serve a lot of purposes. On top of that, how about this weather... it is really out there, ya know? It's kinda cold. You need a hat. Most of your body heat escapes through your head, so you gotta keep it covered. But there is a slight problem: You don't want to mess up your hair.

(carhartt beanie picture 1)

karlysue hat hair

First off, there is nothing wrong with messy hair. I'm already offended if you think that's a problem :) No, but really, I love wearing hats. I do not love hat hair though, and I'll be the first to admit that oftentimes the hat, for me, is meant to cover up a bad hair day, or to save time. I also know that once I put the hat on, I don't want to take it off because of what is underneath. Now, if your hair is dirty, that is one issue... there's not a lot you can salvage with dirty hat hair. Go wash it and start the cycle all over again. BUT, if your hair is clean, then there is hope for when you take off that hat!...

Whelp, here is where I can help. What you are about to see are examples of HOW TO and HOW NOT TO wear a hat, what TO DO and what NOT TO DO with your hair with the hat, shown in several different hat styles.

And not only that... I have some tips on how to prevent and FIX hat hair! yayyy for us.

Here is a list of some of the varying reasons for why people do or don't wear hats. If any of these reasons for not wearing a hat apply to you, you can count on being out of excuses by the end of this post!

*Also, FYI, all the pictures below are labeled and numbered, and will be referred to throughout the post.

Reasons for wearing a hat:

  • to protect their heads.

  • to keep their heads warm.

  • to act as sun shade.

  • to attract attention.

  • to make them look taller.

  • to hide their hair or lack of it.

  • to accessorize an outfit.

Reasons for NOT wearing a hat:

  • they don't know how

  • they don't want to mess up their hair

  • they don't own a hat

  • they don't think its fashionable

  • they don't think they look good in hats

  • they don't think it helps

  • they don't LIKE wearing hats

  • they forgot their hat- like an umbrella

Now, lets get started...

Picture 2 was taken before wearing a hat. Clean hair, notice the volume at the roots and the texture.