MugShot Monday ft. Johnny Eastman

This guy... He's "the tatooed husband." He's a new dad. He's a man of God. Buckle down and read up!

Your name: Johnny Eastman

Age: 25 years old

(Johnny and his new baby girl)

Where you live/ Where you are from:

I am from Florida but I live in California

What you do for a living:

I work with Pharmacies to help them utilize every dollar they have and to help them get reimbursed for the drugs they never used

If you could change your name, you’d change it to:

If I could change my name I change my middle name to Danger so I could say Danger is my middle name

How you found karlysuesmessydos:

I found karly through instagram

(...still not sure why he is called the tatooed husband)

What do you look for in a coffee mug?

I look for comfort in a coffee mug. I want it to be easy to hold and I want it to be able to hold all my coffee.

What is your fav thing about your karlysuesmessydos mug?

I love the handle and the size of your coffee mug. When i first saw it i was surprised how big it was, but its actually really nice to have a mug that big

(karlysue's koffee mug katching some rays)

What is your fav kind of coffee?

My favorite type of coffee is costa rican

Describe your ideal coffee shop:

My ideal coffee shop is actually a place in Orlando called Downtown Credo. It's run by people wh